About Us

Did you know?

That Nigeria ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world and did you also know that Nigeria has now overtaken India to become the country with the highest number of people living in extreme poverty with 86.9 million people? Here lies our concern and should be yours too because these stats don’t fully portray the gravity of the hardship faced by people. A peek into our little impact can give a better idea.



Joyful Smiles Foundation is a humanitarian and Non-governmental organisation born out of the desire to provide empowerment to the less privileged in the society. As the name implies, JSF emerged from a visionary aspiration to bring smiles back to the faces of the dejected, give hope to the hopeless and mend the broken hearts of the forgotten in the society. At JSF, we provide alternative means of survival to the down trodden in the society. The down trodden are from young children to adults who come from poor families and wretched backgrounds; those who have taken to the streets and ‘jungles’ in pursuit of a means of livelihood.

Using the social and humanitarian principles, our attention is concentrated on the personal development and rehabilitation of these sets of people. This is to ensure that they become responsible and useful members of the society. Our belief is that the most laudable means to achieve these enormous tasks rest on three principles: sound attitudinal development, quality vocational/educational training and empowerment. Our vision at JSF remains a driving force that keeps us going even in years to come.

We will not relent in restoring their hopes, putting beautiful smiles on their faces and impacting their lives for greater positive development and social changes.


To remain dedicated to impacting and transforming the lives of the less privileged and keep extending our reach globally.


To give hope to the hopeless through various empowerment programs, educational support and skill acquisition programs; giving them a brighter future and impacting their lives for greater positive development and social changes.

Core Values

JSF’s goals and visions rest on these five pillars:

  • Attitudinal Change: At JSF, our major concern is to bring about change. We will try as much as possible to bring up law abiding citizens.
  • Capacity Building: JSF will provide vocational training to the target groups as a way of providing them with skills and the capacity to become useful for themselves and the society.
  • Employment Creation: After successfully passing through the vocational training program and follow up assessment, JSF will equip the beneficiaries with initial startup capital to support their building up process according to availability of funds.
  • Educational Assistance: JSF opens her door to provide educational assistance either fully or partly to the less privileged in the society.
  • Community Development: JSF provides support to community schools in dire need of facilities and upgrades.
  • Empowerment Program: JSF provide empowerment program for widows, widower and the less privilege in the society
  • Total well-being: JSF provides total well-being for our benefactors.

Our Aim

At JSF, we intend to cater to everyone and anyone in need; our foremost concern being women and children; widows, widowers and orphans. We have an agency catering to the homeless and destitute as well. Our target group ranges from children to adults. The aim also is to impact the lives of youths and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 25 who are not gainfully employed or do not have basic education as a result of their family’s social and financial status.

Our Belief

It is true that no two people are born equal. However, it is our belief that no matter what, everyone deserves a second chance. What we share with them is a chance; a chance to do well, a chance to make something of themselves, a chance to be independent, a chance to provide basic needs to their families.

As a result, JSF’s programs in alignment with her belief are aimed at providing support to the people who deserve a chance in life.