Skill Acquisition

Beneficiaries of programs under this agency are empowered through exclusive training on new skills and new businesses that they can venture into which are their passion. This program is done because we want our beneficiaries to be financially independent. Under the skill acquisition, skills include: Soap/ Air Freshener/ Disinfectant Making...

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Downtrodden Support

At JSF, the support of the disadvantaged and underprivileged is one of our major commissions. This program takes the form of physical support, emotional support and counseling. We see to it that these people get the possible supports we can offer. We also assist in securing accommodation when necessary. We...

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Orphanage AID

Joyful Smiles Foundation is also aimed at impacting orphans on the streets and those in orphanage homes. At JSF, we offer financial assistance, organize programs for the orphans and also identify and partner with orphanage homes. More often than not, we adopt these orphans educationally and provide for their educational...

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Empowerments Agency

The Agency is in charge of empowerment programs. The empowerment programs provide means of livelihood and sustainability to the downtrodden, widows, widowers and orphans. We assist in setting up small scale businesses and petty trade for them in the areas of their expertise and their interest. For those who need...

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With privilege comes great expectations .We at JSF believe that together those of us who have been placed in better positions in life are to help others up also. We believe that if we that are more privileged can come together and harness our resources we will make great impact...

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