SUCCESS STORIES The successful completion of Damilare Ishola’s (Visually Impaired) Tertiary Education under the sponsorship of the Educational Support Agency. Damilare Yusuf Ishola is one man who never let the difficulties life threw at him overweigh him into fulfilling of dreams. Damilare, being a victim of circumstance unlike many other...

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Joyful Smiles Foundation is a humanitarian and Non-governmental organisation born out of the desire to provide empowerment to the less privileged in the society. As the name implies, JSF emerged from a visionary aspiration to bring smiles back to the faces of the dejected, give hope to the hopeless and...

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Educational Support Agency (ESA)

Being educated brings life to the wellbeing of humanity and the importance of education cannot be underestimated. As a result, at JSF, we support not only orphans but children of our beneficiaries (widows/widowers) and unprivileged students on the streets who are willing to go back to school; no matter their...

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Community Development Agency

JSF aims to give back to the community in form of upgrade of schools’ facilities, community improvement, community empowerment and special programs such as World Widow’s Day, Cancer Awareness, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. School Facilities Upgrade Most community school facilities are far below standard and they could...

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